An Insiders Guide to Clinical Medicine,1st Edition 2020 pdf free download

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


This is one single guide which can be safely relied upon to deal with the practicals of Final MBBS Part II. This book has been made to solve case sheets on all organ systems with added emphasis on the common examination cases. The book is dealt with spot and short cases which are meant to test a student’s take on the bigger pictures of diseases. The diagnostic clues given in this book will help the student to arrive at a definitive decision sooner. X-rays, spotters and instruments are dealt with extensively and in exquisite detail.


  • Contains everything required for practical examination for medical students (both undergraduates and postgraduates).
  • Each of the chapter has been organized and described under the headings of case sheet format, diagnosis format, discussion on symptomatology, discussion on examination and summary of findings.
  • Comprehensive collection of all aspects of practical examination: Long Cases, Short Cases and Semi-long Cases; ECGs and X-rays; Instruments and Spotters; and Laboratory data interpretation.
  • Separate chapter on prerequisites for practical examination and common cases.
  • Exclusive sections for case sheet format, diagnosis format and system-wise summary of findings.
  • Annexures for last minute revision which include commonly asked definitions and grading systems with standard references.
  • Chapters on comprehensive geriatric assessment and approach to psychiatric illnesses.
  • All the clinical aspects have been thoroughly verified from standard textbooks and articles.
  • All the clinical examination skills have been described in a simple language with relevant illustrations.
  • For ease of understanding and revision, most of the points have been put in tabular format.

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