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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


The most comprehensive book of human anatomy with complete English and Latin terminology. Memorix Anatomy is a perfect example of a student-friendly textbook with a modern design and didactic approach. Written by medical students, anatomists and medical doctors, this textbook summarizes important information from general, special and topographic anatomy. 

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he most recent and comprehensive exploration of human anatomy, “Memorix Anatomy,” stands as a testament to its commitment to providing a holistic understanding of the subject. This textbook, featuring complete English terminology, is a prime example of a student-friendly resource characterized by a contemporary design and an effective didactic approach. Crafted collaboratively by medical students, anatomists, and medical doctors, the book serves as a condensed repository of crucial information spanning general, special, and topographic anatomy.

Encompassing 600 pages, “Memorix Anatomy” delves into all the essential anatomical facts and principles, offering a thorough exploration of the subject matter. The inclusion of 1500 simple yet illustrative schemes enhances the learning experience, providing visual aids to complement the textual content. What sets this textbook apart is its origination from the Memorix educational system, a pioneering approach developed in collaboration with experts in adult learning. This system has been seamlessly integrated into the book, ensuring an effective and engaging learning experience for students and readers alike.

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