Essentials of Modern Neuroscience 1st Edition 2020 pdf free download

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Bridge the gap between basic and clinical science with this authoritative guide to neuroscience. 

Created by an expert team of neuroscience educators, this comprehensive guide delivers the knowledge and insight you need to build your understanding of neuroscience―quickly and easily. Divided into two parts, the guide offers a thorough treatment of the basic science of the anatomy and function of the nervous system, as well an extended treatment of nervous system disorders and therapeutics.

Packed with 500 color illustrations, Essentials of Modern Neuroscience provides both clinical content and numerous cases in an engaging, simple-to-understand style. It includes the strong pedagogy that makes LANGE basic science titles so popular and provides chapter-opening Learning Objectives, bulleted chapter summaries, and application boxes.

  • Covers both basic science and clinical cases for full mastery of the topic. O
  • rganized to mirror the way medical schools teach neuroscience .
  • Presents information in a way that fosters maximum retention. 
  • Unique chapters cover addiction, affective disorders, and neurologic diseases. 

File size and download

Size: 477Mb

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