Anatomy: 1800 Multiple Choice Questions free pdf

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Anatomy questions. 
Free pdf anatomy. 
Anatomy mcqs
In objective type of evaluation, the student is expected to choose the correct response out of one or more choices, so his answer is either correct or wrong. The objective type of questions can cover wide portion of the syllabus.
There are various objective types of questions, i.e. MCQs: True and False, Fill in the blanks, Matching type, etc. Under new guidelines of Medical Council of India, most of the universities have adopted MCQs as tool of evaluation for summative, formative and entrance examinations.
Multiple choice questions are reliable as they are standardized and uniform to all the students and eliminate observer’s bias. Out of the various types of MCQs [single best response, independent true-false, multiple completion, relationship analysis, and matching], single best response type of MCQs is easiest to understand and most commonly used in evaluation. Therefore, this book has all single best response type of MCQs. This book is divided into ten chapters. The key is given at the end of each chapter. The students should solve the questions in these chapters and get accustomed to solve the MCQs.
This is an ideal MCQs book to review and revise the subject of anatomy while preparing to face the professional examination and aiming for high scores. Candidates preparing for postgraduate entrance examinations will also find it extremely useful.

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