Learning Pharmacology through Clinical Cases free pdf

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Learning Pharmacology through Clinical Cases


Thieme Test Prep for the USMLE®: Learning Pharmacology through Clinical Cases:

Questions in pharmacology 
Cases in pharmacology  

How to learn Pharmacology through Clinical Cases .This book has written by  Mario Babbini and Sandeep Bansal , you can find uniquely integrates the preclinical disciplines, which is crucial for pharmacological problem solving and learning to think critically. The case of this book had written depend on a real-life scenario, promoting a bridge from foundational knowledge to its application. Also you will find a series of USMLE-style questions with thorough explanations guide the reader through a comprehensive understanding of relevant basic science disciplines such as physiology, pathology, and microbiology, followed by a detailed analysis of the pharmacology.
Key Features of the book :
  • About 50 case studies mirror situations seen in every-day practice

In-depth coverage of drugs in the context of specific disease states and clinical situations
  • Comprehensive cases encompass medical/family/drug history, physical examination, lab findings, diagnosis, pharmacotherapy, and follow-up

  • provide a lot of multiple choice questions addresses related basic science content. Part of this book give you a second set that covers topics related to the pharmacology, such as mechanism of action, adverse effects, and contraindications.

  • This essential, highly practical resource will help medical students build problem-solving skills, assess pharmacology knowledge, and fully prepare for board examinations.

  • You can depend on this book for training to pass the pharmacology exam and to be familial with the style of USMLE questions .

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