Challenging Cases in Dermatology Volume 2: Advanced Diagnoses and Management Tactics

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم



This book comprehensively covers a range of challenging cases in dermatology. It provides easy to follow guidance on how to successfully diagnose and treat a range of unusual diseases with a range of figures with informative legends and clinical data focused exercises to enable the reader to gain confidence and a deep understanding of why the diagnostic and treatment procedures taken in each case were chosen. Cases covered include follicular disorders, melanocytic diseases, vascular tumors, cutaneous lymphomas, and bullous diseases.

This second volume of Challenging Cases in Dermatology systematically describes a range of unusual and rare clinical cases in dermatology. It is therefore a valuable resource for all trainee and practising dermatologists looking to further develop their knowledge and understanding of how to successfully diagnose and treat rare and challenging diseases.

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