Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians 1st edition pdf free download

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The gap between training and clinical demand has been answered with the first comprehensive dermatology resource written for healthcare professionals across the clinical spectrum

Dermatology for Advanced Practice Clinicians is a breakthrough, comprehensive clinical resource. This indispensable reference presents dermatosis knowledge and patient care in terms relevant to everyday clinical practice. Content addresses basic pathophysiology and epidemiology within the realities of common presentations, diagnostics, complications, treatment, patient education, and follow-up. This is the definitive clinical reference for developing accurate, informed differential diagnoses for commonly presented skin conditions. Peel back the cover and inside you’ll find . . .

· More than 600 color photos of common skin diseases and numerous quick-reference tables, to aid prompt, accurate diagnoses
· Chapters address: basic science and diagnostic approach; topical therapies and corticosteroids; numerous skin disorders and infections; infestations, stings and bites; drug eruptions; malignancies; wound care; aesthetics; basic cosmetic dermatology; and essential dermatology skills
· User-friendly sections address common pitfalls, clinical pearls, special considerations, key concepts, guidelines for referral and consultation, and differential diagnoses for each condition
· Opening chapters supply basic science knowledge of lesion morphology—an aid for developing key diagnostic skills for skin exams
· Focus is on skin diseases that are: most common, most potentially threatening, and most infectious
· Section on common dermatologic procedures covers cryotherapy, destruction of lesions, biopsies with simple suturing, intralesional injections, and incision and drainage, with review of indications, complications, equipment, procedural steps, aftercare, and patient follow-up
· Must-have resource for nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, physicians’ assistants, dermatology RNs, and all advanced practice clinicians.
This title is an American Journal of Nursing 2015 Book of The Year Contest Winner.

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