Dermatology for the Usmle 1st Edition pdf free download

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Improve your score by recognizing highly tested clinical images!

Recognizing photographs of skin disorders in board exams is usually an easy way to score points. Dermatology for the USMLE is a targeted dermatology review book that prepares you to identify the most commonly tested skin photographs and focuses on what you really need to know for the boards. Key images with accompanying text ensure maximal comprehension of the most commonly encountered dermatologic diseases. Interdisciplinary approach stimulates critical thinking and broadens your medical knowledge. This easy-to-understand, fully updated book is useful for students, residents, physicians and other allied healthcare staff interested in skin disorders.

Main Features:

• More than 125 high-yield topics and 450 full-color images cover the most likely tested dermatology subjects on the USMLE.
• Sharpen recall and facilitate memorization by associating each disease with its clinical appearance.
• Includes tables and USMLE Pearls focused on highly tested material.
• Accurate and concise information reviewed by residents and dermatology experts to help you effectively prepare for the test.
• Simple and clear time-saving format allows for quick and comprehensible reads.
• The ONLY dermatology review book for the USMLE, a must-have for medical students.

File size and download

Size: 139Mb

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