How to pass your OSCE pdf download

 How to pass your OSCE

How to pass your OSCE
The paramount goal of a curriculum for training in the medical profession is to graduate competent and knowledgeable doctors with right attitude to practice the profession . To be satisfied that the trainee has achieved the intended and expected outcomes of learning , he has to be put to the test . This process is often referred to as assessment , more popularly known as examination .
 The purpose of this booklet is to present an outline on how to prepare , approach , and behave during clinical and practical examinations in the settings of OSCE .It is not a substitute for standards books on diagnosis or management for medical disorders . The candidates must study standards texts and acquire the necessary clinical competencies through training , and then apply the techniques and advise adopted in this booklet to guide them to a respectable performance in the clinical and practical examination .

How to pass your OSCE

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